Are Twomad and Belle Delphine Dating? Internet Is Concerned After The Two Recently Appear Together

Twomad and Belle Delphine Photographed Together ( Source : Twitter )

After an intimate picture goes viral, Twomand and Belle Delphine are rumored to be dating. Many people talk about an alleged video that is circulating online where they claimed that the two were engaged with each other. 

A discussion forum about Twomad and Belle Delphine begins on Reddit after both of them share pictures of each other which look quite intimate. Both of them are dressed in several costumes in a weird position making people gossip about it. 

Are Twomad and Belle Delphine Dating?

From Reddit to Twitter, everyone is talking about Twomad and Belle Delphine today. The reason is simple- they posted a picture of them which appears to be quite an intimate scene.

It has caused dating rumors to spread on social media like wildfire. Besides the pictures, there are rumors that they have a video together which is only accessible to Delphine, only fan account subscribers. 

However, it is not confirmed if there are such videos as some people are claiming. While some people doubt that they may be seeing each other out, there are some who argue that they are possibly shooting a music video or something that is related to work. 

Twomad captioned the picture by saying he met Delphine, which seemed like he had met her for the first time in person. On the other hand, Delphine's caption was not understood, but it does not seem that they knew each other that closely. 

However, none of the social media influencers have addressed the rumors. People are expecting they would at least respond to the comments on their pictures, but they have not spoken about it yet. 

Twomad Weight Loss Journey To Be Inspired From 

The journey from 80 Kgs to 64 Kgs is something that one can achieve only through continuous effort and diet control. He often talks about his journey of losing weight and tells people that they should also do something about their health. 

Netizens Talk About Twomad Weight Loss
Netizens Talk About Twomad Weight Loss ( Source : Twitter )

Many people have expressed their shock, whereas many complimented him for his new appearance. Nevertheless, he has still not revealed about his girlfriend or love interest. 

But this time, there seemed to be some progress as he was seen taking pictures with Belle. Many believe that there is something going on between them. 

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How Is Twomad Health?- Find Out Update

Twomad lost weight drastically, and some fans started to worry about his health. But, the worry may not be necessary because the YouTuber started his weight loss journey with the intention of remaining fit and healthy. 

And he has achieved his goal. His slim body is something that he usually flaunts and even encourages people to start doing the same for themselves.

He said that posting a selfie of him on social media following his weight loss was to tell people that it was important to look after their health. 

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