Are Michael Marks And Alison Victoria Still Together? 

Alison and her boyfriend, Micheal, are probably still together. The couple is very reticent about their relationship, and only a little information about them is available to the public.

They have not been even seen that often in public together. The only reason people found out about Mark was when she talked about him in her People magazine interview. After that, she has not talked about him publicly.

Alison  with Donovan Eckhardt, her former co-host in the show.
Alison with Donovan Eckhardt, her former co-host in the show.

In the interview, she said that her boyfriend helped her a lot during the tumultuous period of her life when she was in a legal battle with her TV partner. People want to know about the man their host is in love with.

Alison Victoria's Boyfriend Net Worth

There is a lack of accurate information about Alison's boyfriend's net worth; however, he has probably worth more than $1 million.

 Alison, herself has been said to be worth somewhere around $6 million.

Alison managed to garner her wealth with her successful career as an interior designer. There is no information about her boyfriend's job. Previously, she was married to the owner of the insurance company owner.

Alison Victoria posing for her picture.
Alison Victoria posing for her picture.

She has been on HGTV for a long time, and people love to see her in the show because of her exuberant presence and genuine passion for interior designing.

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Michael Marks And Alison Victoria's Age Difference 

Marks' age detail is unavailable to the public, so his age difference with Alison can be anywhere from 1 year to a large number. 

On the other hand, Alison was born on October 31, 1981, and she is 40 years old.

People can follow her on Instagram under the handle name thealisonvictoria. She has more than 300,000 followers and has a verified Instagram account. She uploads about her shows on her Instagram.

For fans, who want to get updates about her, Instagram is a great source because she is active there.