Is Apolo Ohno Getting Married To Bianca Stam?

Bianca Stam, Apolo Ohno's partner, will become his wife. He recently appeared with her on LeBron James' TV show, The Wall, and the world is curious to learn more about her.

Since 2016, he has committed to a relationship with his fiancee Bianca Stam.

Despite being together for over six years, they do not yet have children, but they have a puppy named Sesame Mochi Ohno.

Thanks to their Instagram PDA, Fans expect them to unveil their wedding dates soon. However, it is unknown whether the pair have discussed getting married shortly.

Apolo Ohno To Be Wife Age Difference Explored

As of 2022, Apolo is 39 years old, and Bianca is 30. So they have an age gap of about nine years.

Bianca works primarily as an actress and model in Hong Kong. She is a Millikin University graduate with experience in the media field and was born in Chicago.

Stam is a well-known name in eastern films, much as her husband is in the television world. She was the producer of the documentary 'The Beauty Machine,' which focused on Asian women working in the film industry.

'The Dark Soul,' 'Chasing the Dragon,' and 'Deviants' are among her acting credits. Likewise, a corpus of work as a producer includes French Connection (2020) and OCTB Elizabeth (2018).

Bianca works in the restaurant industry in addition to acting. Her Instagram profile suggests as much.

Apolo Ohno Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

Apolo Ohno has a $10 million net worth. Apolo Ohno has won eight medals as an Olympic athlete, including two gold and two silver.

In addition to his net worth and speed skating accomplishments, Ohno is well-known for his philanthropy, motivational speaking, and appearances on two seasons of the television dance competition show Dancing with the Stars.

Following his Olympic debut in 2002, Ohno excelled in both successive Olympic Games and his post-retirement efforts as a philanthropist and public personality.

He's utilized his celebrity to help organizations such as The Salvation Army and the Clothes Off Our Back Foundation and raise money for the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle.

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