Who Is Actress Anna Jobling Dating In 2022? Her Past Relationship And Instagram Bio

Anna Jobling Profile Image
Anna Jobling Profile Image( Source : aboutmalang )

Anna Jobling is a Malaysian actress born to an English father and a Malay mother. Jobling is well-known for her portrayal of Melur Untuk Firdaus in the Melur Untuk Firdaus series.

The eighth episode of the first season of the show has just aired. Melur, who sadly loses his best buddy and eventually sinks into sadness, is the story's protagonist. His procreators then pressure him to marry Dee, his lover.

The drama is based on the novel My Rude Wife, which has gone viral on TikTok and Twitter for its hilarious and romantic scenes starring Firdaus and Melur.

Anna Jobling Boyfriend 2022

Anna Jobling hasn't stated whether or not she has a boyfriend.

However, on her Instagram, she appears to be close with her Melur Untuk Firdaus co-star Meerqeen.

Anna Jobling with her co-star
Anna Jobling with her co-star( Source : pikiran-rakyat )

They upload adorable photos of them on their Instagram accounts.

However, no official confirmation has been received from either party. Hence Anna Jobling is most likely single as of 2022.

Anna Jobling Biography Details

Anna Jobling was born on August 14, 2000, to her parents as their only child. Her parents are international, according to accounts, with his father hailing from the United Kingdom and her mother from Malaysia.

Anna's father, senior Jobling, worked for an oil and gas business as an engineer. Her mother, on the other hand, was a manager.

Anna Joblling with her mother
Anna Joblling with her mother( Source : 247newsaroundtheworld )

Jobling, too, was raised in the Islamic faith. Jobling was born in Kuala Lampur and attended an international school.

Anna is the only child of her parents. Hence she is said to be without siblings. She, too, is a member of a mixed Asian-European ethnic group. She was also a Teen Goddess contestant in 2018/19, finishing in the top four of the program.

Meet Anna Jobling On Instagram

Anna Jobling can be found on Instagram as @annajobling. Her account has been validated.

Anna has a sizable fan base on the platform, with over 497k followers and over 800 accounts followed.

Anna is highly active on the site, posting images of herself and her co-star Meerqeer from Melur Untuk Firdaus.

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