Amber Turd Memes And Meaning: Why Is #amberturd Trending? 

Amber Turd's memes or the #amberturd have been trending all over social media platforms. 

As we've seen, Johnny and Amber's relationship was anything but typical. Poop was discovered in their sharing bed after a heated argument one night during their marriage. Amber blamed her pets when Johnny questioned her about it.

Amber has been dubbed Amber Turd because of her purported behavior. "Turd" also occurs to rhyme with her surname, "Heard."

Besides, the infringement trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard unfolds, and the dispute has spread outside Fairfax County courts when someone attempted to hack IMDb and change the last name of 'Heard' to 'Turd.'

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A Look At Amber Heard Trial And Memes

Amber's trial memes have been quite popular lately. With the continuous turmoil, people have demonstrated their level of ingenuity.

During the trial, Johnny claimed that Amber became agitated when he began drinking while filming one of the Pirates of the Caribbean films in Australia. He alleges she hurled a vodka bottle at him, causing the tip of his finger to be amputated.

After Amber accused Johnny of domestic abuse, Disney dropped Johnny from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. However, as the trial progresses, many of Johnny's admirers think Disney owes him an apology.

Meanwhile, there are allegations that Warner Bros. is rethinking Amber's involvement in Aquaman 2. More than four million people have signed a petition to remove Amber from the sequel.

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What Does Turd Mean? 

The word turd, which means "lump of excrement," is linked to Johnny Depp's surprising admission that he discovered human feces on his side of the bed.

During his testimony last month, Depp stunned everyone when he said he discovered human feces on his side of the bed. Depp recalled that the incident occurred after Amber's birthday celebration at their Los Angeles home and that Johnny arrived late, which enraged Amber.

When he went home, the next day to get his belongings while Amber was gone, his security man Sean Bett warned him it was not the right time to go and gave him a photo of the feces on his side of the bed.

Amber, on the other hand, has rejected the charges, claiming that one of their dogs was responsible.