Is Amber Heard's Bee Earring During The Trial A Symbol? 

It is hard to imagine that in such a high profile case bee seems to be repetitive and now, people elaborating on the earrings of the Aquaman star. Initially, bees started to trend after a clip of Amber saying "My Dog Stepped in a bee" went viral.

That clip went viral and has been trending on TikTok since then. A song with beats has been creat with that clip sound, so one could imagine how viral that clip is. Now, certainly Amber wore a bee earring.

It is just hard to believe that she did so, and it is merely a coincidence. There are numerous theories about why she did so and whether it was something that she was trying to symbolize Johnny and people.

Both Johnny and Amber seem to have numerous accessories related to bees. Thus, there may be some kind of a penchant between the former couple for bees.

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Many Think Amber Is Copying Johnny Depp 

The outfits have been a topic of Johnny and Amber have been a topic of discussion for quite some time now and many say that Amber copies the style of her ex-husband. There has been a similarity between their dresses a couple of times.

People believe the bee is also a manifestation that she is trying to copy the style of Depp. It was seen earlier in the trial she wore an outfit that was very similar to Johnny in the earlier trial.

There are many theories surrounding this. some people say that this might be her response to memes that have been created surrounding her viral TikTok saying my dog stepped in the bee.

There is no certain way to know unless Amber explains it herself, which is very unlikely, so the only thing people can do is speculate.