What Happened To Amanda Staveley Face?

Amanda Staveley has been the subject of a rumor that she had plastic surgery on her face, which has yet to be confirmed.

Several reports have circulated that she has recently undergone facial plastic surgery on the internet. Netizens started commenting about it, implying that her facial shape had changed slightly over time.

According to one individual, her face looks weird, and she had surgery to make her look like a cat. Amanda has yet to comment positively or negatively on the charges.

Several people on the internet claim that Amanda Staveley has crossed her eyes.

However, she has yet to disclose anything about having crossed eyes on the internet or in the broader public.

Amanda Staveley Huntington Disease- Illness Update

Amanda Staveley was just diagnosed with Huntington's disease. It is a hereditary disorder in which a child inherits a chromosome 4 abnormality from their parents.

People with faulty chromosomes will eventually develop the disease since inheritance is dominant.

According to a report published by The Sun, Staveley was diagnosed with the disease in 2013.

Huntington's disease is a progressive brain condition that affects people. Huntington's disease causes changes in mood, including melancholy, anxiety, unusual rage, and irritability.

According to the Alzheimer's Association, the condition is commonly diagnosed between 30 and 50. However, it can occur as early as two years old and as late as 8d.

Amanda Staveley Husband

Mehrdad Ghodoussi, Amanda's life partner, is a self-employed businessman and the managing partner of his wife's firm, PCP Capital Partners LLP.

Staveley met her future spouse before he became the managing partner of her firm in late 2009.

After a long relationship, they exchanged wedding vows in an intimate ceremony in 2001.

Only their friends and family members attended their wedding at West Wycombe Park in Buckinghamshire. Three years after their marriage, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter whose identity had been withheld.

Amanda Staveley Net Worth -How Much Does She Earn?

Amanda Staveley is believed to have a net worth of $170 million as of 2022.

Staveley has clients that can write a £500 million check and want to acquire property in Central London.

She was instrumental in the Abu Dhabi royal family's acquisition of a £3.5 billion investment in Barclays and the purchase of Manchester City football club, netting her £50 million.

Amanda was named to the Sunday Times Rich List after closing five deals in London in 2010 and has more on the way. Her net worth has grown over time due to the transactions and agreements that her firm, PCP Capital Partners, has completed.

In October 2021, she also took over the Premier League team Newcastle United.

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