Wikipedia: Who Is Actress Alison Fielding From Heartbeat Obsessions?

Alison Fielding has an attractive resume in terms of her theater work, she has also worked in some movies in the 90s. Her movie works include Space Precinct, Ruth Rendell Mysteries, and The darling buds of May. 

Alison is in her mid-40s to late 40s, she is an experienced actress who is versatile and capable of portraying the depth of the character through her performances. She is able to engage her audiences and seamlessly show her act. 

Likewise, Fielding has worked in the production of various projects such as King Lear, School club, Ruth Randall, and Heartbeat obsession with Sandra Croft Television.

Also, she has acted in many reputable theaters helping her gain significant experience for her to share her own acting techniques and teachings. 

Heartbeat Obsessions Cast Alison Fielding Is Now 37 Years Of Age 

Heartbeat Obsessions were an amazing crew, their cast includes, Nick Berry, Bill Maynard, Derek Fowlds, William Simons, and actress Alison Fielding. 

The veteran actors are likely to have passed away, also a young actor like Alison who is 37 years old, also seems to become a veteran in her acting profession. the show Heartbeat Obsessions. 

The show was directed by Tom Cotter and written by Peter Gibbs and Nicholas Rhea thus the show was also adapted from a Novel.  

To enumerate, the story is about the main lead Sandra Croft played by Alison Fielding whose boyfriend has left her, she goes through ups and downs in life, she becomes affectionate, kind but resentful, and vengeful as well.

Thus, her journey in the series is what engages and empathizes with the audience. 

Alison Fielding Biography: A Summary Of Her Accomplishments

There is some information about the actress, but she seems to have made notable contributions in the field of entertainment referring to her different works in movies, TV shows, and theaters. 

She is a talented actress with an ability to perform in different accents including English and RP. She is also quite knowledgeable and has practiced Ballet in her early days. 

Hence, Fielding is currently involved in teaching acting classes, she seems to share her knowledge about facing the camera, working with peers, showcasing emotions, and working with inanimate objects were her further ability in her community.