Who Is Albert Pavon From Erwin High School? Teacher Arrested Over Assault On Student

Albert Pavon Arrested For Child Sexual Abuse ( Source : Foxcarolina )

A high school teacher named Albert Pavon has been charged with five counts of child sexual abuse. The intel on how the police found such information about him is yet to be disclosed. 

The police officers surprisingly got information about Albert Pavon from Erwin High School. They also raided his home and found more evidence, eventually leading to his arrest. 

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Who Is Albert Pavon From Erwin High School?

Albert Pavon is a teacher at Erwin High school. According to Buncombe County Sheriff's Office, he has been charged with various s*x charges in connection with the sexual abuse of a student.

According to deputies, he was charged with three counts of felony distribution of indecent materials of a minor as well as indecent liberties with a child and a student.

He worked in additional inclusion/academic support settings while instructing OCS Biology and Applied Science. He has been in the role for two years. Unfortunately, there are no further details about him on the internet. 

There are no Facebook or any other social media platforms where one can find him. However, other people on social media are shocked to hear it. Some are asking parents to teach their children to talk about such things if they ever happen to them. 

Some users accuse the school of not making any strict checks during the hiring process. As a result, many parents may be shocked and insecure after hearing the news. 

The Buncombe County Schools said they were shocked to find out the truth. As a result, the teacher has been banned and suspended from their premises, and the investigations are still ongoing. 

The school's website has removed all the posts related to the offender. Unfortunately, further information on the case is yet to arrive. 

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Teacher Albert Pavon Arrested Over Assault On Student

Albert Pavon has been arrested and is being held on a $50,000 bond at the Buncombe County Detention Center. He is charged with sexually assaulting a student and distributing the child's por**grpahy material. 

Police released the news and thanked Buncombe County Schools for their assistance with this investigation, as well as the Haywood County Sheriff's Office, who cooperated in the execution of a search warrant at Mr. Pavon's residence in Haywood County.

Albert Pavon Charged of five child sexual offences
Albert Pavon Charged of five child sexual offences ( Source : Facebook )

They also added that the charges on him could be added, but he is banned from all campuses until the investigation is over. There are no comments from the accused in this case. 

The victim has not appeared on media, but it seems it is a minor who has been the predator's target since he is facing the crime of several social sexual offenses. 

Nonetheless, it has created havoc on social media as many parents are concerned of thier child's security.

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