Who Is ABC Ian Pannell Wife?

ABC's Ian Pannell is happily married to his wife, Lou Pannell.

Ian Pannell is a very private person when the talk is about his family or his wife. 

He has not yet talked much about them in the media other than his wife's name. 

Ian and Lou have married a long time ago, and they have never been separated anytime in their lifetime. 

Lou who is a very reserved personality is thought to be very supportive of her husband's journalism career.


When Ian is on the tour, Lou is the one who takes care of the family. 

Ian who is a foreign correspondent is most of the time out of the house to be on the sites and follow up on the news about the incident going around the world. 

For now, Lou has not revealed herself in front of the media, and neither Ian has talked much about her. 

Further details might soon be updated about Lou in the mixed article

Ian Pannell Children-Everything About His Family Details 

Ian Pannell has three loving children from his wife Lou Pannell.

The children are named Alfie, Charlie, and Jack. 

They were born and raised by the couple and it seems that they have learned the art of not being open to the media from their parents. 

For now, there are not many reports on the children, as it says that they might be teenagers now. 

Ian's Instagram and other social media also show no details about his wife and his children for now. 

He has never shared any photos or posts about his family and has completely restrained himself from revealing anything about his family. 

So for now, Ian has kept his family life out of his work life and likes to keep things low-key for now. 

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