Aaron Rai Parents: Who Are They?

Dalvir Shukla and Amrik Singh are Aaron's parents.

Amrik, Aaron's father, was a tennis player who was even offered a tennis scholarship.

Dalvir is of Kenyan and Indian descent, while Amrik Sing was born in India. Aaron was born in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, to parents who immigrated to England before he was born.

Aaron has a brother and two sisters. Aaron lives with his parents in the United Kingdom, while his sister lives in Kenya. Aaron and his older brother used to play golf together when they were younger.

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Aaron Rai Family Background: Where Are They From?

Aaron's mother was born in Kenya and had half Indian ancestry, and his father is also from India.

He has African and South Asian ancestors. Aaron's ethnicity is difficult to define, but he could be described as African-Asian.

Nonetheless, Aaron is a British citizen. It is unknown whether he also holds Kenyan or Indian citizenship.

Aaron had competed in the Kenya Opens European Tour. Dalvir traveled there with his mother for the first time in 47 years.

Aaron simply described the experience as "returning from home to home," as he has fond memories of his childhood there. His sister also resides there.

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Meet Dalvir Shukla And Amrik Singh On Instagram 

The Instagram handles of Dalvir Shukla and Amrik Singh is unknown.

Aaron Rai does not appear to be on Instagram.

He is not active on social media, and any official golf accounts do not mention his account.

Aaron does, however, have a fan Twitter account.

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