Does Carol Die In The Walking Dead Spinoff?

The details about Carol's character have not been given, she has not died in the show yet. In the prior season, Carol had moved to Commonwealth after the whisperer war and was working as a baker in Elodie's treats. 

Subsequently, she was also following the orders of Lance Hornsby in order to secure the treatment for her husband Ezekiel who suffers from thyroid cancer. 

Moreover, There were rumors about her spinoff in early 2020 with Daryl Dixon, but it seems that she is not likely to be part of the show, due to differences in production and location. Thus, it is likely to be the last season of Carol in this zombie apocalypse show. 

Melissa McBride Leaving, Why?

The Walking Dead is coming to its end, thus all the characters are likely to be cast in the spinoff or they shall part ways from the show. 

That said, Carol played by Melissa McBride was rumored to be in the spinoff series with her co-star Daryl Dixon but it is unlikely to be the case as due to production and differences in the shooting location Melissa has decided to part ways. 

Nevertheless, Melissa might not be the part of the show with Daryl Dixon but it has also been official that Negan and Maggie are getting their spinoff series thus there are chances for Carol to appear alongside them as well. 

Carol Peletier AKA Melissa McBride Net Worth 2022

Carol Peletier aka Melissa McBride is a 56-year-old, talented actress she has made a lucrative career through her acting in the AMC's hit series The Walking Dead. 

The actress has always been the fan-favorite in the show, the actual net worth of Melissa has not been made available but it seems that she is worth about 9 million dollars.

Furthermore, she has been compensated 8,500 dollars per episode, she had also signed a 20 million dollar contract with AMC to continue the show.